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Thousands Cry – “Never again to Martial Law!

Groups commemorating the 35th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law in 1972 marched today in Manila to protest what they described as a “steady drift towards Marcosian rule.” The late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos declared Martial Law in September 21, 1972. This triggered the arrests of the political foes of the regime, a clamp down on the media, and various other human rights violations. Throughout his 20 year term, Marcos was believed to have amassed billions of pesos in ill-gotten wealth.
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Statement on My Release from Detention


Prof. Jose Maria Sison

13 September 2007


Friends, Warmest greetings!

I am deeply pleased and thankful that the Rechtsbank has decided to release me from detention. You cannot imagine how happy I am. It is extremely painful and humiliating to be subjected to solitary confinement and tough interrogation under overheated lamps. The ordeal is acute because I am innocent of the false and politically-motivated charge leveled against me.

I have nothing to do with any murder. This is against my moral and political principles. I am a teacher by profession who loves the exchange of ideas towards common understanding and practical cooperation. I have long devoted myself to the advocacy of human rights and work for a just peace in the Philippines. I cannot go into the facts and arguments concerning my case. It is my lawyer Michiel Pestman who is competent to give you the information that you need.

Consequent to the release order of the Rechtsbank, I gain some confidence in the Dutch legal system. I have the opportunity to prove my innocence and continue to benefit from fair play. I feel somehow vindicated in choosing The Netherlands as my place of refuge from persecution in the Philippines. I also wish to thank the Dutch, Filipino and other peoples for their solidarity and support.

I will stay in the Netherlands with my wife and my two children who are already independent. I will conduct my legal defense and further clear my name. I will continue to exercise my freedom to speak and other democratic rights. I will continue to work for national freedom, human rights, social justice and an enduring, because just, peace in the Philippines.

I will continue to abide by the laws of the Dutch state and further develop solidarity with the Dutch people whose friendship and kindness I have enjoyed for more than 20 years.

Thank you.

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Sison’s Wife Recounts Raid

I am Julieta de Lima and Prof. Jose Maria Sison is my husband. Together we reside at Rooseveltlaan 778 in Utrecht.

In the morning of 28 August at around 8:45, my husband left for a 9:30 appointment at the Overvecht police station. A person who identified himself as Mr. Vogel had arranged the appointment through a telephone call to my husband on Friday, 24 August. The caller said he was seeking an appointment because of new developments on a case which my husband lodged with the police in 2001.

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Nissan Workers Violently Dispersed, 1 Nabbed

More than 40 striking workers of Nissan Motors Philippines, community members and supporting workers from other factories again suffered violent dispersal and harassment from security guards and police during a barricade protest which started at 7AM today, September 5, in front of the company gates in Barangay Pulong Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Laguna.

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Former US Attorney General Offers to Help Arrested Philippine Leader


New York--- Former US Attorney General and world-renown international human rights lawyer Ramsey Clark expressed disapproval and deep concern over the recent arrest of Philippine leader Jose Maria Sison, a political refugee currently detained in the Hague, Netherlands. He also called on the Dutch government to immediately release Sison, whom he describes as "a gentle person... and inspiring leader."

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