Crispin 'Ka Bel' Beltran

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Tuesday, 27 May 2008 03:16
We mourn his death. Even more, we extol his life.

Filipino migrants in Hong Kong pay the highest tribute to a true leader, champion and hero of the working class – our beloved Crispin “Ka Bel” Beltran. We extend our deepest and sincerest condolence to Ka Osang and their children for the loss of a husband and a father.

We are one with all Filipino freedom fighters in grieving for his death. Ka Bel is the epitome of a peoples servant. His simple life and long record of upholding the rights of the Filipino workers both at home and abroad shows his devotion to the working class and other oppressed peoples.

In the times Ka Bel was with us in Hong Kong, we were always warmed by his smiles, ready jokes and easy camaraderie with everyone. He was selfless in sharing what he new and sincere in knowing the plight of migrant workers and of our work.

We owe it to Ka Bel for bringing the voice of the Filipino migrants inside the Congress. When he served as vice chairperson of the Committee on Labor and Employment, Ka Bel was one of the staunchest advocate for OFW rights inside the Congress.

During the time of his arrest and eventual detention, we strived hard to contribute to the pressure for his release. We deeply-appreciated how he took time and effort to send us a video message after he was freed.

Ka Bel will always be remembered. A family man, a respected and honest statesman, a man for the others, a man that lived up to his class – Ka Bel will always be an inspiration for everyone, be it in the Philippines or abroad, working towards a truly free and democratic society and for a world without oppression and exploitation.

We shall miss Ka Bel. For the service he gave and the life he lived, we will take into our hearts his message: Never give up.

He never did and we never will.

United Filipinos in Hong Kong (UNIFIL-MIGRANTE-HK); Migrante Sectoral Party – HK (MSP-HK); Gabriela Women’s Party – HK (GWP-HK); Abra Tinguian Ilocano Society (ATIS); Cordillera Alliance – HK (Corall-HK); Filipino Migrant Workers Union (FMWU); United Pangasinan in HK (UPHK); Mission for Migrant Workers (MFMW); Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge (BHMWR); Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants (APMM)

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