We, in Kilusang Mayo condemn in the strongest terms the Aquino government’s move to allow increased Unites States military presence in the country.

The move is a clear encroachment on our country’s national sovereignty and a violation of the Philippine Constitution and the Senate’s abrogation of the RP-US Military Bases Agreement in 1991.

The Aquino government is only allowing the Philippines to be used as a pawn by the US for the latter’s geo-political interests in the Asia-Pacific region.

To contain China for US’ own geo-political interests

While we condemn China’s bullying tactics against the Philippines in relation to the disputed Spratly Islands and recognize the necessity to defend our just claims, there is greater danger in allowing an increased US military presence in our country in the hope of relying on US for help against China.

The truth is that the US is only posing to be Philippines’ buddy against China’s bullying tactics in relation to the disputed Spratly Islands. Beleaguered by a deepening economic depression, the US has to preserve its investments in the Asia-Pacific region and engage in more aggressive efforts to seek dominance in the region over its main rival, the fast-growing China.

The US is strengthening its large bases in Japan and South Korean and stationing another permanent base in Australia’s Northern Territory. It is also seeking increased and permanent presence in Asian countries like Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand.

And now, through its puppet Aquino government, the US is paving the way for the permanent basing of American military forces in the country. The Filipino workers and people are being deceived by US top officials in their pronouncement that they are not seeking permanent basing in the country. US military forces have been stationing permanently in Mindanao for ten years now and have engaged in different counter-insurgency activities and human rights violations.

Only the US benefits

The US-Philippines’ accord for increased military presence in the country is only putting us into greater trouble. We are being put in a situation that will only provoke China to instigate more intimidation efforts against us, when in fact, we can opt to resolve the Spratly dispute through negotiations.

The Aquino government is only recklessly embroiling our country in a war for US’ own hegemonic interests. It only helps the US to further its imperialist agenda in our country and in the rest of the world. Mired in an ever worsening economic meltdown and massive internal unrest, US imperialism seeks to intensify its stranglehold on the Third World’s national resources through continued implementation of neoliberal policies of privatization, deregulation, and liberalization and exploiting workers and peoples all over the globe.


The Filipino workers and people should always be reminded of the grim past when the US bases were still present in the country.

Through collective action, we have successfully driven the US bases out of the country. We should not allow our national sovereignty and dignity be trampled upon once again. Let us oppose the Visiting Forces Agreement and the increased US military presence in the country.